It is not only the people of the United Kingdom that are excited about the most anticipated Royal Wedding of the New Decade, but the whole world as well. If you will visit several social networking sites, you will find out that as early as November, the Kate and Williams wedding is among the top topics around the globe. People are really excited since it is not every day that a royal wedding will happen. Additionally, this wedding is also expected to be the first and most grandiose and extravagant wedding of the new decade, if not the century.

Official-Collectors-Plate-235x300A mind-boggling $100-million is the estimated cost for this royal wedding. This is actually twice the cost of Princess Dianna and Prince Charles wedding way back in 1981. The Queen is, of course, expected to personally dole out some money for this much awaited Kate and Williams Wedding. Since the family of Kate is also a renowned millionaire, her parents will most likely contribute as well.
The bridal gown, guest list, bridal car, groom’s suit, souvenirs and other memorabilia are likewise anticipated too, equally with the wedding ceremony. Let’s hope we will write with same passion for their silver wedding anniversary.

By being a recognised fashion icon in the whole world, the bridal gown of Kate Middleton is actually the most talked about topic as soon as Clarence House announced the royal wedding to be on the 29th of April 2011. The public is very much intrigued by the details and particulars of what Kate will wear during the wedding. Will it be a long gown like the gown of Princess Diana or will it carve another benchmark in the fashion industry? Will it be a traditional gown that will uplift the customs of England & Wales or will it be adventurous and daring?

The guests list is also in the top chart. Will the US President Barack Obama be among the few to sit at the 2000-seat capacity of Westminster Abbey? The answer might be a big YES. Since the royal wedding will be a worldwide momentous event, it will surely be attended by plenty of political personalities, celebrities and other members of royal families from different countries.
Third on top chart are the memorabilia and souvenirs of Kate and Williams wedding. Some expect replicas of traditional items like tiara, the love spoon made from wooden materials, the garden key, lockets, the traditional pin that Kate will wear and, most especially, the commemorative coin.

Actually, the Royal Mint has already prepared an initial design of the commemorative coin to be casted in silver and gold. Since the coin will be using the face of Prince William, whose appearance in materials shall be controlled, the Royal Mint is still awaiting the green light from the Palace.

Whilst that decision is being pondered you will be able to invest in a variety of other Royal Wedding memorabilia, such as mugs, thimble sets, mouse mats and commemorative plates to name just a few, the most popular at the moment is the OFFICIAL COLLECTORS PLATE – BRITISH ROYAL WEDDING – PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE MIDDLETON APRIL 2011