$ 100 Million William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Dollars? Here’s What to Expect

As the squeals in the world with excitement over the news of Prince William and participation Kate Middleton’s, battle of consultants who are available to work on planning their wedding a sure-to-be-monumental – with estimated budget of $ 100 million dollars will this event. watching more than 1 billion people worldwide This insight into what the public should expect from the wedding of our century – and the guests invited to the ceremonies and related events it.

As many predict, will The wedding is likely a major event of massive Cathedral, London. Because we are in recession, the British government that is imposing tough sanctions, ‘royal wedding exactly what is needed to support the enthusiasm and the mood of the public.

Engagement rumors followed the couple for years. But the couple needed time to resolve complex legal pre-nuptial and

Kate arrangements.

Beidh do similar work of public service to engage in other royal women – from what I know about Kate, she will quite content with this role. It’s a full time job to become the wife of the future king. Kate is well suited for the royal family. Kate has become a media star and to say, just like Diana? Because of his looks and sense of style, probably she will.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding set to be one of the most eminent events of this century. Millions of people already mesmerized about the big day. This article has all of the data expected from the royal Ultimate British $ 100,000,000 dollars wedding.

LOCATION: Westminster Abbey, the famous church 1,000 years old, The historical site of important events such as coronations, weddings and funerals, it is the most suitable venue. British kings were crowned and queens there. Princess Diana funeral was held there. It can hold 2200 guests. The only people that are allowed to marry members of royal heritage, abbey staff and members of the Order of the Bath ceremony and their families. But about a dozen or so weddings held there each year.

ESTIMATED COST: The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 cost about $ 45,000,000 dollars. The wedding is expected to cost more than twice that amount: A little under $ 100 million dollars. With the price tag, anticipating seeing a very lavish affair; one with majestic pomp and circumstance of paying breathtaking


Money for the festival may come from various sources:? The annual government funding given to the royal family to pay for salaries and official functions. (Approximately $ 12,000,000 annually) The Queen personally pay for it. Charles is expected with some of the bill paying, and parents Kate’s also a self-made millionaire might contribute.

DATE: A Saturday in July or August seems like a reasonable possibility. The awe-inspiring royal wedding excellent including the schedules of the other royal guests, celebrities and heads of state. Schedules are usually planned a year in advance.

June is already full with activities: Trooping the Colour (Queen’s birthday parade), and Royal Ascot. A 90th birthday of Prince Philip’s on June 10, and it is William’s birthday on June 21 itself. It is unlikely that we will stay long on the date and venue to be announced.

wedding PARTIES: Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry hopes that his best man and Kate’s sister, Pippa, who will be maid of honor.

THE DRESS: About the bride’s dress, Kate is practical and will be more than Diana was toned down. Kate will not spend big ball dress, billowy, as did Princess Diana. It will be a beautiful, slimming white dress, with a dramatic train. She will be crowned with a glittering tiara: Princess Diana’s either “Spencer Heirloom” tiara, tiara or other loan Queen.

Bheadh ​​her at the haute couture designers

Most Jump at the chance to dress the princess out here on this momentous occasion , since the dress is sure to be a prototype piece for years to come. The piece will set standards in the couture fashion throughout the world.

wedding suits : It will be dark colored traditional military uniform, a sash, of a ladder over his breast, fringed medallions on his heart, gold-braided cord, epaulets, sword, gloves and famous bán


GUEST LIST : Kate is common to be invited into the Royal Family. The guest list is overflowing with political figures, heads of state, celebrity friends and acquaintances including: Barack and Michelle Obama, Tony Blair, Elton John, and Sir Richard Branson. We can also expect royals from Sweden, Norway, Asia Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Middle East and Jordan.

PRE-wedding festivities : Before the wedding will be, on the Friday, a select group of guests (mostly European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Royal families) were to a gorgeous castle for lunch. The dress code will be business chic: pantsuits and blazers.

On Friday evening before the wedding, guests will attend pre-wedding amazing concert. Code require that a black gown and chiffon gowns, no tiaras, medallions or regalia. After guests are sitting in a concert hall, a symphony orchestra and will begin to play the wedding couple to come out on stage. Kate and William will be greeted by the audience’s thunderous applause. They will proceed to sit in a special box and begins a beautiful classical concert. Many contemporary pop artists will come on stage, singing songs as the audience meets as well. For the grand finale, the bridal couple to return to the stage; surrounded by a swarm of children in flowered crowns, sing and wave a colorful royal wedding flags.

DAY : The guests arrive in costume extraordinary and ornamental into the courtyard brimming with uniformed guards; draw swords in the form. They then walk slowly colored carpet, stopping every ten feet or so of photos. The pageantry and sheer number of military guards astounding. Visitors then enter the church. Their tiaras large emerald, a dazzling necklaces glimmer in the sunlight. Their satin and chiffon gowns billowing in the breeze gently moving. Cross-body sashes, adorned with pins, mementos and family memorabilia, men

Many outfits.

Beidh finish line draped in military attire, shoulder epaulets trimmed with gold-fringed like a trellis. A great abundance of military medals, ceremonial ribbons, medallions neck and eight pointed stars could adorn their chest. They usually finish searching a set of white gloves, feathered hats and gleaming sword.

D could stretch

The bride come in a classic Rolls Royce, with his father; serenaded by violins roving, and a children’s choir. Trumpets will blare within the church to sound appearance.

As bride enters the foyer, guests typically rotate in their seats and crane their necks to see. The orchestra will begin with a classic piece marching, moves seven young children forward bridal procession. The bride should tend to move too, with his hand in her father her tiara probably glittering.


A long train track pure white fabric behind her, as he has monitored three bridesmaids movement.

Cuirfear religious ceremony began

The . After the couple recites their vows, they will have their fáinníBeidh fingers.

An huge choir then bellow out a song of celebration. Pop star could Serenade of the bride with a romantic song – maybe something from Disney movie.


: Afterwards, William and Kate will go into a horse-drawn carriage, and It will travel down the streets of London, probably until the dock.

At this point, the streets are lined with colorful soldiers, located in every three feet. When the couple on the waterfront, they could go on royal boat or barge. They will now protected by a series of naval ships, and uniformed personnel. At this point, the air force will send a fleet of ear-splitting jets in tight formation flying overhead. Sailing across the bay for a short while, they’ll find another dock. The military parade will mobilize S, equipped with beautiful horses and feathered helmets escort the royal couple in the coach down Pall Mall towards Buckingham Palace. Citizens are usually lined up on the procession route, hoping to get a glimpse of the couple kissing. All through the streets of the city, located on both sides of the route, soldiers are colorful. When the couple at the royal palace, they usually shake hands with guests and receive congratulations. As with previous tradition, they come out on a large balcony and wave to the multitudes below. A choir and band of the background.

Reception / Banquet : A great banquet held at Buckingham Palace. Blowing horns greeted guests. Each guest is escorted to his seat at the metal stamping soldier clad in ancient armor and long feathered

Massive hat.

táblaí are decorated with ornate silver candelabras, lighted candles, silver and crystal sculptures, gold colored chairs, and wonderful flowers. The budget for flowers during the millions of dollars. Each guest is assigned a liveried footman; to be pulling their chairs. Speeches and toasts are made in honor of the couple. Blowing trumpets announce each speech by fur-clad


cake: The cake is composed of multiple layers. Probably white creme with fruit (strawberry or raspberry) filling. After dinner, the couple will approach the towering cake, and cut the wedding slice.

DANCE: After the ceremony, the orchestra ignites cake with beautiful music, like dancing the waltz couple parents the couple to join in too.


fireworks: A dazzling fireworks display will illuminate the skyline of London.

honeymoon : A The couple most likely to honeymoon at an exclusive private island oasis, such as in Bali, Fiji or Bora Bora.

married couple: More than likely, the Queen will give William a title, such as the Duke of Cambridge. New wife will then be HRH, the Duchess Cambridge.

Once William has finished his RAF duties, the royal couple could conceivably move into Georgian manor house built in Herefordshire Prince Charles. It is very comfortable and a fitting residence for the future king and queen.

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